Mission/Board of Directors/ Corp Report 2016

 Our Mission; Veteran built houses for veterans in need of affordable housing!
                       You were here for us, we are here for you now.     





    We are a 501 C 4 Social Welfare/ Housing non-profit organization based in Decatur Indiana. Our Corporate license is with the state of Indiana and we are moving to Minnesota for relocation. Currently we are licensed with the State of Minnesota as a foreign non-profit.



We believe our veterans should have the best chance to become quickly established in a community because they have been away from home for so long. Unlike the average person who transitions into the community through gradual efforts and personal connections and becomes established over time, the veteran is released from service without the advantages of knowing where to go for affordable housing. In a way it’s as if the veteran and his family have been displaced without a safety net other's freely enjoyed. UHPP wants to be ready to accept these former soldiers and get them involved in the neighborhood so they can focus on the more important issues like schooling and employment.

OUR NEW MISSION is to find property that is suitable for construction in areas away from large developments yet near shopping, schools, and major highways for easy access to other parts of the twin cities. After we have acquired the land we will bring in our design team from Franklin Design Company to create a modern or vintage replica home that isn't an out of the box repeat of existing development houses. Like veterans, their homes will have an individual appearance.

UHPPROJECT intends to design and build new housing for veterans and their families then selling the homes for far less than the cost to build. By selective purchasing and donations the homes will be well within the affordable range so veterans are not shackled with debt before they get a chance to succeed at whatever their goals are.

Additionally we will ask the veteran and his family to add some sweat equity of their own making the house a more personal experience. We will organize other veterans groups to assist with building and provide them with a small donation to their cause advancing the services to the veterans community.

Our ultimate goal is to build small veterans villages in surrounding neighborhoods were the families will be connected in the same ways they were while in service. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coat Guard, service persons have a special comradery that can't be shaken and as a community they will make their towns and villages more ready to take on life's struggles.


We believe that service men and women who have left the military have special skills and talents that can assist our society at being a better place to live. They can create additional economic resources that will make the neighborhood a much stronger asset to the nation they served.



 President Robert Pike 1970 Vietnam (the one on the right)



Robert is an experienced Architectural and Engineering draftsmen and has worked on many housing and commercial projects. Some of those projects are March Wood Multifamily Apartments, Harmon Homes, Diversified Design Company all in Greensboro NC. In MN engineering designs and plans for Canterbury Downs Shakopee, Interstate 80 Lincoln NB last mile of Interstate 35 through Duluth MN

He is also a published author, news reporter, film maker, and has construction management experience. Once homeless himself, Robert has learned firsthand the needs of those who have lost the option to succeed under harsh economic conditions. He has pledged himself to making a difference so that others can move forward with their own personal dreams. Robert is also a highly decorated partially disabled Vietnam veteran who has associations with Fifth and Tenth Special Forces. Currently a member of Chapter 20 SFA, MN

Vice President: Heather Renee Brake

Heather has a firm commitment to providing a better life for those less fortunate. She has served on committee’s and in groups that have completed projects in her local community. She has volunteered to work with members of her church in providing assistance to small families in Mexico while her husband was stationed at Fort Hood Texas.

Secretary Treasurer: Maxine Pike

Maxine is a software engineer and is currently employed with one of Minnesota’s largest software companies designing accounting packages for large corporations. She is active with fund raising for local food shelves, organizing company holiday parties and supplies other non-profit organizations with hand crafted items for distribution to those in need.








           Anyone looking over our 990’s for the past four years will see that there has been very little activity on the part of the PROJECT. The tax forms also show that we have been in the red by several thousand dollars, but this is inaccurate to the point that although we have had expenses such as property taxes and office supplies all of our costs have been covered by our only donor. Also we have several tangible assets that are being considered for sale.

          Our sole donor is Franklin Investment and Design Company of Indiana and as they paid our expenditures they took the costs as an expense that is covered by IRS regulations. Franklin, because of Lois Lerner’s SPECIAL TREATMENT to UHPP our only donor has been under audit for four years. As a result Franklin has enlisted the help from WALL AND ASSOCIATES to handle the IRS issues and is currently seeking relief from the audits on taxes Franklin doesn’t owe.

          In October of 2016 our largest asset; a 52,000 sq. ft. warehouse was sold because we were unable to get any help either from government, private or public funding.  No one was interested in helping with the development of the structure for veterans housing.  

          We had two offers of $300,000.00 for the building but the Mayor of Decatur, the town the building is in, offered no help to them and was deliberate in making that clear to the buyers. As a result the buyers left along with an 8 million dollar investment in the town. The reason the Mayor didn’t want the buyers around was so the town government could offer much less or condemn the building and take it. The building was sold to the town of Decatur for $135,000 to make way for a new parking lot.

          As of November of 2016 the funds from the sale are now being used to build new homes and sell to veterans.  We have secured office space in Saint Paul, and we have signed with a real estate agent who is keeping us up to date on current sales in the MLS listings. We have made one offer that wasn’t accepted but we will continue to seek additional properties.

        We have made contact with PURPLE HEART HOMES for veterans and MACV of MN who also provide housing for veterans. We have involved ourselves with MAP’S; a nonprofit advisory organization in Minneapolis which will give us counselling and training in the nonprofit area. We have been approved by the State of MN to do business here and as such are seeking donations through the grant process.

        We are up and running and actively seeking outside donations.

        For the first time officially, UHPProject has found a student deserving of assistance. She is the daughter of a helicopter pilot who served three tours in Vietnam. She works part time at Walmart, she is a single mother of two and receives some social assistance form the government, but no money to pay for her education. She is a good student and a hard worker and UHPP is now paying for her to finish her training. She will graduate in the summer of 2018.