How We Began

Since architectural school I have always had a yearning for the preservation of older buildings although modern design was the norm at the time. My experience as an architectural and engineering draftsman was always in new construction.
In 1994 my wife and I purchased a 60 acre nonfunctioning dairy farm that was homesteaded in 1893. The house and barns were fully renovated and working with
the DNR I planted 5,000 pine trees and cut and cleared four acres of overgrown woodland. While adding several walking trails I also planted 23 acres into prairiegrasses and wild flowers. Later I added three large ponds for wildlife habitation.
I became a member of the Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association and served one term as its president. I was presented with a sign by DNR thanking me for my participation in wildlife management.
This experience was set aside for several years while I pursued other interests until 2007 I began looking for older buildings to restore. High prices precluded me from purchasing anything locally and over time I found a 52,000 square foot warehouse in Decatur IN that suited my needs as an experiment to see if renovating this structure would prove not only profitable but bring service back to a stranded community. If such a project was feasible, it could be applied anywhere with only minor adjustments.